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Kitaria Fables is coming to Xbox One and PC in 2021



Kitaria Fables is coming to Xbox One and PC in 2021

Myths of Kitaria is a new proposal made by Twin Hearts and distributed by PQube Limited that will include the role of practice and self-sacrifice and agricultural management, which will allow us to acquire the goods of our journey.

The game has colorful styles cartoon

in the middle 3D and he will put us in the shoes of Kitaria, a cat that has to help its animal neighbors like the evil waves of darkness spreading around id Paw City. In this way, exploration and combat will be accompanied by an imitation topic that we will have, as is typical of this type of game, several holes to deal with.

Kitaria Fables will open the doors of Canoidera in 2021

Also, At Kitaria Fables we will not only have to deal with the challenges of imitation, but agricultural management will be instrumental in the development of this journey., where we can find different resources for our journey. And not only that !, but we must learn to build our own weapons and armor and make new spells that make many conflicts easier.

Kitaria Fables is coming to Xbox One again Steam PC for all 2021 to give us an unusual and fun role-playing game, while learning to manage our resources. Although there is no official launch date, we leave you with the launch trailer.

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