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Look for your DoOMincorn for FREE now, thanks to Twitch Prime




One 2020 release is undoubtedly the DoOM Forever, and is considered one of the best shooters of the generation, and possibly in history. After following Doom's 2016, this new King of Shooter installation is considered to give the game's deepest and most fun feel, being the definitive member of Game of the Year.

One of the best known things about this new DoOM is without a doubt be able to customize our DoOMSlayer with many different combinations, which makes our configuration unique. Of course this doesn't end there, and that's because Twitch Prime

We can enjoy some special skins from the platform, the first of which already exists.

Enjoy your DoOMicorn skin thanks to Twitch Prime

As we can see On Twitter An official from Bethesda, the first of these skins, was called DoOMicorn

, will be promoted by a very special unicorn. We can destroy the waves of demons in great style thanks to our white and pink arm, as well as hanging on the wings and helmet with unicorn details.

As you can see in the best tweet along these lines, it will be this DoOMicorn the first of 3 exclusive Twitch Prime specials, so we'll have to listen to see what Bethesda surprises us with.


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