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Marvel’s Avenger performance analysis on Xbox One and Xbox One X



Marvel’s Avenger performance analysis on Xbox One and Xbox One X
Over the past week, the beta they had distributed on Sonyware, has helped many to go to the new Marvel's Avengers games. But now, it's time for the Xbox One to be a consolation, one of the most exciting aspects of the Crystal Dynamics game. With a new video, we go Marvel's Avenger performance analysis on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Channel Youtube de VG Tech repeats the same formula of the previous days used in the case of the Sony connection, providing the difference between working with Xbox One X quality mode, in addition to Xbox One.

Performance analysis of Marven's Avenger on Xbox One and Xbox One X running version 1.1.2008.95 dgame, where you can see the purpose of the game save 30fps, out of mode Xbox One X performance, aiming for 60fps. Regarding the decision, if we focus on quality mode in Xbox One X, the game runs in 4K but uses a a powerful solution. Adjustments from 2880 × 1620 and 2112 × 1188, that is, it does not reach 4K resolution at any time. Because of this, the game saves a lot 30fps works well for every action.

If we look at the case mode Marvel's Avenger performance on Xbox One X, aim to maintain 60fps, and for this, we use the solution of 1080p, o 1920 × 1080, always, that is, without a powerful rescue. And maybe for this reason we find it framerrate ranging from 40 to 60fps often. The range is much higher than the console Sony Sony, but its range when changing is very high.

If we focus on the Xbox One base, using Xbox One S, the solution is powerful, it reaches 1080p max, but up to 720p. Going inwards, the highest resolution is obtained, always, during kinematics. Performance remains stable at 30fps, but if you can see the reduction of a few frames in a certain order. The media also said that mitigating this decision appears to be used as a guarantee when certain results are made in both complexes and that this could be part of the problem of preparation, although it greatly reduces the effectiveness of oscillation.

Marvel's Avenger will have a lot more enemies than was shown in the beta

Marvel's Avenger will arrive next September 4 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, iGoogle PC Stadia y PC.

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