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Microsoft is building an app to use Project xCloud as a development tool



Microsoft is building an app to use Project xCloud as a development tool

Although we've told you many times, the future of Microsoft games and video is far more than the Xbox, and that's thanks Project xCloud we can play our favorite video games wherever we want. One of the best things to do is to be able to communicate with our friends and allies in the battle without being near our dead bodies, and that is a very important part of the times of the epidemic we are in.

Of course these difficult times do not only affect the players, but also the fact that isolation or social exclusion mechanisms create a lot of problems for companies to keep up with their titles. Microsoft is fully aware of this, which is why it's improved Project xCloud PC application

which allows developers to access their development kits as far as 60 fps.

Project xCloud as a video game development tool

This new Microsoft tool greatly facilitates the work of certain companies and developers, and allows the task of creating remote content to be easy to view and share. Other Xbox Games Studios studios are members and other foreign studios using this app, and their experiences are undeniable. In the words of Sean Davies

, a member of Rare:

Our transition to working from home introduces some of the biggest obstacles to our quality control process and process. We went from being able to 2-3 exercises every day depending on the one-group building, which was downloaded overnight. This was especially painful if the buildup failed in any way and could be turned off all day. Using the PC content testing system allows us to restore our old functionality. Onsite kit installation is now minutes rather than hours of remote download, and we have flexibility when something goes wrong

With this initiative, Microsoft has created a tool that will greatly improve the lives of developers, which is why we players will not tolerate the shocking delays that unfortunately have become commonplace due to COVID-19.

I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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