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Minecraft celebrates its 40th anniversary with the launch of Pac-Man with the new DLC




It looks like a lie but 40 years later we met Pac-Man and what ghosts threaten to eat. And to celebrate Minecraft has released something new DLC which includes 10 labyrinths in pure Pac-Man style but with that unique Minecraft style.

Pac-Man is an arcade game made for the Japanese Toru Iwatani, that since its inception on May 21, 1980, it has announced the elimination of many levels of sucking all the balls and fruits that were spread from stage to rhythm Waka-Waka (and we're not saying it's a song for Shakira). Of course, it wasn't all that easy because the four ghosts would go and destroy us. The game became very popular in the 80s where it held the Guinness record for the most successful arcade video game, until 1987 it was based on the world by the Space Invaders.

Minecraft invites us to re-speak the Pac-Man concept with a new perspective

Mojang Studios set DLC is sold in the Market by Minecraft, which we'll get to the previously mentioned 10 levels with the addition of Pac-Man characters. Of course, the goal hasn't changed in 40 years and will continue to clear the map of all the tiny dots in it. This will control our yellow circle companion (now in square version) and we should avoid all that Ink

, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde hunt.

The mazes will look 3D, even though they will retain the core of the original Pac-Man and we can repeat the pressure on our friends' scores. In addition, once the 10 mazes are complete, we will be able to create new ones, thereby adding new challenges and being able to share them with the larger community built on Earth and Minecraft.

Speaking of Minecraft, the game is on everyone's lips and that the 26th of May will be released Minimum clay holes, a new vision of the spacecraft and space game of Minecraft the passengers are in the ditch in true Devil style. The new game will be available upon release through the subscription service Xbox Game Pass.

Abel Martín

Abel Martin

I love video games from FFVII, rocks and good news are my favorites. I always draw a smile when I hear feelings of success.


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