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More details for Sherlock Holmes Chapter Xbox One




Sherlock Holmes' return on Xbox One and Xbox Series X has also been announced, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. The iconic Sherlock Holmes returns as the mystery of open-world third-person and narrative play, and serves as the starting point for the story. Popular personal searcher.

A new and creative vision of events that could have made Sherlock a great place many know today.

Icon Design: Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Story and the atmosphere

  • Aside from the background and controversy that gave rise to new discoveries, the game was built when the group called the “World Research Program”. Much improved in the concept of not taking the player manually The Entrance City
    This new system aims to move forward and give players more freedom when it comes to solving cases in a way that is considered to be a real investigative activity.
  • The Global Research Program focuses on allowing players to draw more on their discoveries and strengths. Tracks in the first chapter are available and analyzed with a great overview of Sherlock's skills, tactics, tools and techniques. With so many possible combinations, players will have to think about things like a detective: joining the tracks with great force until they find a solution won't do us any good.
  • Sherlock Holmes Chapter One also introduces a combat system that prioritizes Sherlock's known ability to look beyond direct physical combat.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will be a complete game, developed on Unreal Engine 4 and self-published by Frogwares. It is planned for 2021 and will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and later com -les.



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