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New Content Coming Soon to Blasphemous and Free!



New Content Coming Soon to Blasphemous and Free!
New Content Coming Soon to Blasphemous and Free!

Blasphemous He’s one of the indie games that caught the most attention last year released by various platforms, including the Xbox One and PC obviously. It is a video game made with Spanish talent and that critics and users were very popular at the time.

Stem of Light recently shown and updated DLC coming to Blasphemous soon, before giving you the details, we leave you with the presentation trailer:

Stir of Dawn will be completely free

The first thing to highlight is the launch date for this new content because as you can see, it won't be long before we try it, especially August 4th

on all platforms from which the game is released.

A really good reason to return to Blasphemous, as this new content adds a New Game + mode, new locations to explore, new peace and a better shooting experience including Spanish language. As we said, the content will be free and all you have to worry about is having the first game. We recommend that you check out Xbox Generation for more news.

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