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New mature data in Resident Evil 3 Remake




Demo culture is something that has been lost over time and, above all, for generations. Now given how alphas, betas, game exams, etc. However, there is still a company still releasing demos for their upcoming articles so users can try and decide whether to buy them. One of them is Capcom, which has released Resident Evil 3 Remake services.

However, companies are no longer launching these demos due to the amount of information that keeps leaks about the game due to databases. And that is exactly what happened with Resident Evil 3 Remake and its demo, which is the same code they found new information about a topic that was not yet revealed.

Thanks to the demo source code we have new details with Resident Evil 3 Remake

As we can see Reset the Era, more data has been released from the final version of the game. From the different difficulty modes you will have, the unlockable features will contain. And of course, and spoilers for a game that, rightly, we won't share here. If you want to meet them, you can go to them send it to ResetEra to read it. But please spread them out.

What we will point out are the hardships that Resident Evil 3 Remake will have. This will be Attendance, Normal, Strong and Super Hard. This final game mode is relatively new to the saga, as not only will enemies be difficult to get rid of, but resources will be extremely scarce. But also, this level of difficulty will cause enemies and objects to change positions, making it challenging for anyone who knows at heart the placement and location of all elements.

On the other hand, the presence of New Game + was also found. This, as usual, opens after finishing the game for the first time. It's still unclear how it affects the game, but it's said to change other sections of the title and open up a new conclusion.

Why Resident Evil 3 Revenge is coming to the Xbox One and PC on April 3. Remember that you can read the last issue of the title here. In addition, the game demo is now available on both Xbox One and PC and in the next few days the open beta of Resistance will arrive, with asymmetric multiplayer mode included in the title.


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