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New trailer showing multiplayer modes




Split is the next first-person action game developed by V1 Interactive, this makes it a lot of fun, because They are the only ones in charge of the games in this Halo saga.

Now betting on a new game with the precision and style of the Halo, we'll see if that is the job and if it can beat Halo. The split will be a big issue, we will tirelessly fight rebels and machine devices in various colonies, where the human brain is moved to the arms of robots, we will enjoy the online feature.

The division will be interchangeable and open within the multiplayer.

On top of every campaign, gifts It's a hectic multiplayer multiplayer game with tons of customizations, which can be purchased or available in-game. In V1 they promised you that They will sponsor the game after the launch of additional content.

We introduce the main features of the game itself for publication:

  • Fight the Gravcycle: Pilot is an extremely well-equipped Gravcycle with various fire-fighting abilities, use abilities and abilities.
  • Single player campaign: Become a Romer Shoal and take on Rayonne, a growing global army dedicated to removing the remainder of humanity.
  • Multiplayer: Play in 3 Team 5v5 game modes and select your favorite Gravcycle and lead your team and teammates, competing against opposing drivers.

You can see the multiplayer mode trailer where the game modes will be called, if you want to see the 23 minutes of the game here I leave you this link to watch a video. We remember that distinction, its release date is June 16 It will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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