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Nvidia Adds Half-Life Support, DLSS 2.0 in Control, and more




Just a few days ago, Nvidia released the drivers with its graphics due to the release of Doom Eternal, which released in March. Still, it's not the only decision we have decided to take that into account, and that if last week seemed like a slow-moving driver, they decided to do it a few days later.

Usually, each drive update includes support for a new display with G-Sync, a technology that converts GPU refresh rate and troubleshooting display. This time it was something new, especially the Acer XB273GX. We can see the complete list in the following link.

All news from Nvidia driver 445.75

Half-Life Support: Alyx, Resident Evil 3 and Ghost Reacon

Nvidia makes good use of these drivers to introduce a series of custom profiles to games that may have just been released, or will be released soon. In this case, tomorrow we will accept Half-Life: Alyx, in early April Resident Evil 3 Elimination, and finally a revival involving Sam Fisher on Ghost Reacon: The crack.

Thanks to these profiles, our graphics and game will work just as well as imagined by Nvidia. Of course, we can change this in the configuration itself. Because we already have it, we can't wait to use the best feeling that can give us our graphics.

DLSS 2.0 comes in Control and MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Who does not know, DLSS is a Nvidia technology that comes with RTX graphics that tries to improve the frame rate in games at one time with the highest click load. This allows for better quality, and we've already seen it in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Battlefield V, and more.

DLSS 2.0 is at the forefront of this technology, which combines the power of highly artificial intelligence. The first to take advantage of this will be two games from this driver, in particular Control and MethWarrion 5: Debts, or Wolfenstein himself.

From now on, we can take advantage of MechWarrior 5, while Control will have to wait until March 26. This is the day the first DLC for the game also arrives on PC. According to Nvidia, thanks to DLSS 2.0, performance improves up to 70%.

New SLI profiles

With SLI we can have more than one graph connected at the same time, using the power of both to perform high-power tasks quickly, or simply having a large marker. For these types of configurations, Nvidia offers a series of fully-functional gaming profiles. Now new games have joined the list such as:

  • Druidstone: The Secret of the Menahir Forest
  • The point of Phoenix
  • Tamarin
  • You Will Stay Online
  • Yakuza Kiwami 2

In addition, if our drawing has a design of T50, 1650 or more, a specific profile will be found in the following articles:

  • Blacksad: Under the skin
  • Blair Witch
  • Near the Sun.
  • Hell Let Loose
  • Journey to the Savage Planet
  • Monster Energy Supercross 3
  • MotoGP 19
  • MXGP 2019 – The Official Motocross Videogame
  • eFotball PES 2020
  • World War 3

Known bugs

Windows 7

  • The display settings from the Nvidia control panel will not work on the H-Clone with embedded images as a Clone source.
  • If V-Sync is disabled and we play area with ShadowPlay settings, we will suffer from blurring on the screen.
  • ShadowPlay and screenshots will run on Call of Duty Warzone.
  • Battlefield World: Azeroth War will suddenly crash when you switch from DirectX 11 to DirectX 12.

Windows 10

  • The display settings from the Nvidia control panel will not work on the H-Clone with embedded images as a Clone source.
  • With SLI, G-Sync, and V-Sync enabled, Red Dead Red 2 can be read off-screen.
    • If we disable V-Sync it will be fixed.
  • There might be a green trick when the color format in Strange Brigade with DirectX 12 is YCbCr 420 or 12bpc.
  • Third Party Corrupt Expert does not support GeForce Experience freestyle.
  • If we have SLI for Doom Eternal and unlock Steam overlay, the game will have problems.
  • Doom Forever failed to take high resolution photos with Ansel.
  • Doom Eternal FPS will go down when using the Steam counter.
  • Doom Eternal will flash when Windows 10 HDR is disabled and in-game HDR is enabled.
    • As a solution it can work Play HDR on games and apps from Windows HD color settings.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will provide white screenshots as we approach the wall.
  • Frechester with Call of Duty Warzone won't work.
  • Forza Motorsport Road 7 can show black lines in some circuits.
  • Ansel and Freform will not work with Zombie Army: War Dead 4.
  • When we play Tom Clancy's rainbow six Siege with Vulkan and G-Sync, there will be a blur when switching between fullscreen and window mode.

To install this new driver we will need to use GeForce Experience, a Nvidia tool that we can select profiles for different games. If we already have one, it will notify us with a notification or it will be enough to open it and go to the Drivers tab. If not, we can download here.

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