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Paradise Lost has been announced for the Xbox Series X




It is time to start seeing the announcements and announcements that are so focused on the new generation of consoles, among them clear Xbox Series X. Gradually, the library will be started by these new or upcoming machines.

One of those games Paradise is lost is a game created by PolyAmorous A talented Polish studio and recently presented a new war game with a trailer.

Paradise Lost takes us back to World War II

The game is the first PolyAmorous project and will take us to it Europe as a major category, where The Second World War It is not limited to the facts we all know. It is well known that his proposal focuses on decisions and mysteries, in Paradise Lost that will take on the role of only a 12-year-old who will discover the secrets and fears of this war.

With no specific release date, the game is expected to hit end of the year and developing a Xbox Series X and PC; we must continue to watch the gameplay be revealed to us to learn more about the curious topic. We recommend you take a look at Xbox Generation for more news.

Pedro Alexis

Pedro Alexis

I am a 23 year old boy living in Mexico. I learned to communicate. I absolutely love cinema and my love will always be video games.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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