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Phil Spencer is enthusiastic about the announcement of Unreal Engine 5




Just a few hours ago we appreciated that Epic presented with a showcase of technology working on PlayStation 5, the new and latest type of popular graphics engine, in this video we can use to get an idea of ​​what future projects are entirely dedicated to the new generation.

The engine, as you can imagine, will be a great game tool on all platforms and in this case, Phil Spencer, was pleased with the announcement and tweeted it in several projects Xbox Game Studios they use Unreal Engine 5 for their growth.

Amazing work from the Epic team.

Many of our studios use Unreal, like the Ninja Theory team that built Hellblade II, and are excited about introducing these E5s to the X5 Series X.

Holblade II will look amazing with Unreal Engine 5

New game for Ninja Theory It will work with this new version of the graphics engine, so, at the end of the development we will undoubtedly question the graphics and physics developed exclusively on the Xbox Series X.

Similarly, it is said that some studies use an engine, such as The alliance, which is one of those detailed channels and that is, those in charge of Gears of War, know that part of the context of the Saga is the use of this engine, for this reason and they have been pleased with Unreal Engine 5. We recommend the Xbox Generation for more news.


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