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Phil Spencer will give a “surprise” to Xbox fans tomorrow



During the next episode of the Reggie Fils Aime podcast, the Nintendo official will welcome Phil Spencer to interview and discuss video games. For many, it's a wonderful opportunity to hear more details about Microsoft's new generation.

Phil Spencer is known to give some stories or at least a good title during an interview. It's not yet clear what will be available for the Xbox Series X, any Microsoft services or game. If I had to bet, I wouldn't think of any excessive announcements or news, so we advise be aware of your expectations

, even with Microsoft you never know.

To the surprise of Phil Spencer

Harold Goldberg, co-founder of Circle of Video Game Critics in New York, will launch the program with Reggie, and has personally announced on Twitter that fans of the American Console should be vigilant about the program. Goldberg confirms that “Spencer has a surprise for fans

It sounds really silly to think of something related to an Xbox Series X or some special game. Judging by the fact that Microsoft has kept its firm announcements for the next two Inside Xbox in June and July, we should expect something very measurable.

You can enjoy the podcast on its own website GoFundMe. The podcast will kick off tomorrow, Tuesday, May 26, and the proceeds will benefit the needy.

Juan Jesus

Juan Jesus

Passionate for birthday games. My dream? Live in an RPG.

I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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