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Platinum Games looks at the next generation of vibrating revolutionary environments




In recent days we have exciting news from Platinum Games and its founders, details ranging from clarifying rumors of studio purchases are Microsoft, until you know the same view Kamiya about Xbox in Japan.

It's because of the interview he is holding VGC and members of the Platinum Games include Atsushi Inaba who is the head of the company, and in his opinion, says he is not too happy with the next issue Xbox Series X as well as PS5 like consoles that will start a new generation.

I don't want to sound like ‘hehe, I know everything there is to say about new confusion and it's boring.' But with the information I have so far, I have not seen anything particularly surprising.

When you just see the graphics development or the use of words like ‘fast, big' … obviously that's OK, but you don't have the same composing quality that I was most surprised by in previous comics.

In Platinum Games they prefer the emergence of new objects without images

As we can see in Inaba's words, the head of the channel wasn't too surprised by what the two knew about, even stating that he was happy with the transfer of Nintendo at the time with the unveiling of a Nintendo switchch, a Boy or Nintendo DS game.

However, it is a happy mention because makers and developers can work with better tools and technology. The fact is, the new generation of consoles is still a curious and full of doubts, which at least Microsoft with the Series X will try to answer and surprise by the end of 2020, when their new console arrives on the market. We recommend you take a look at Xbox Generation for more news.


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