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Pre-orders for Xbox Series X are sold within minutes



Pre-orders for Xbox Series X are sold within minutes

Pre-orders for Xbox Series X are sold within minutes. A few minutes ago, as Microsoft announced a few weeks ago, the reservation of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, its two next-generation recommendations, has been opened, and has created a huge rift between users.

Microsoft opened its reservation at Microsoft Store

with its two new comforts, with the result that Pre-orders for Xbox Seris X are sold within minutes. As is often the case in these cases, the Microsoft page was error-free in the first few minutes, when it did not allow you to complete the payment and even included the console in the shopping cart.

However, after the initial season, the lucky ones were able to get the first booking of the Xbox Series X

, as its shares had expired less than half an hour since it opened. On the other hand, for all those looking for the Xbox Series S, the Microsoft store still has units to keep.

But Microsoft Store is not the only store where previous orders for the Xbox Series X sold out within minutes.

The case for curiosity is what happened with Xtralife. At the moment, the seller has not yet confirmed whether the booking has been completed, but it is expected that once the website is up and running it will follow similar steps for the other two sellers.

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