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Pro Warlock Retro action already has a release date on the Xbox One




About a year and a half ago, the old school project of Project Warlock won over computers around Steam. It's about a tribute to the first person to shoot games from the 90's that both have shown their creativity and respect.

Now, the festival will reach o ther platforms. This is the way people are Filtering Koalas

and Buckshot software, the party responsible for its development, through a new releases. And while the Xbox One version will take a while to see the light, we won't have to wait that long, because its launch is planned next June 12

Warlock project, 90s performance mode

Project Warlock is a first-person shooter that promises to entertain fans who enjoy games like Doom, Hexen, or Wolfenstein. This translates to an explosive cocktail of characters, spells and monsters that will allow us to shoot our way through 60 levels full of enemies and generals.

The 60 levels are built in 5 different stages from the ice base in Antarctica to the sand of Egypt, or the ancient fortress and cemetery courts. We have to do that go down to hell to face the exact challenge and overcome.

Alejandro Serrador

Alejandro Serrador

The Hard-core gamer dropped into the waterpark pursuing his inner demons. An experience that led me to write all kinds of texts.


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