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“Ray’s follow-up is the holy tobacco of video games”




Jason Ronald is Now you may not know him, as he doesn't look like Phil Spencer or Major Nelson, but Jason Ronald is the product manager for the Xbox team. Their contributions contributed to the development of the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X respectively. In short, he is a key figure in the chart of a large party organization.

Affectionately known as the “Xbox Beard Guy,” interviewed with the BBC about what other technologies we will see on PC and Xbox will mean for the new generation coming in. Ray's tracking is what attracts the most attention, and the manager views it as “The Holy Grail” of video games.

Ray tracking and new vibrations

According to a BBC article, the process of ray tracing About 10 years have been spent in the film industry, but in the past, extracting a frame with this method would take up to 24 hours to render. The madness is that the time machines couldn't carry video games. It's something Ronald himself deserves:

We just don't have the operational capacity to deliver all that in real time.

So far, they have not been used alternatives to lighting stronger or less, as illuminated light and more. Now the next generation console will be able to use it ray tracing hardware in upcoming games.

But this technology is reaching PC with greater solvency than ever before, both Nvidia and AMD are working on their technology, and Microsoft is collaborating with both of them, helping them run it in the best possible way. In fact, those from Redmond created DirectX Raytracing, which if you don't know exactly what it is, you can dispel the doubts in this article.


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