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Re-do the Evil Life with the Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition graphics engine, and the effect is amazing



Without a doubt the world of Mods is really interesting, and from time to time we can find works that would overshadow their original versions thanks to the immense talent of some of these. modders; This is the model for Mr. Curious, who has spent the past years restoring the mythical Resident Evil, and the result has not been very good.

Using Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition graphics engine, modder Mr. Curious has spent the last few years working on the entertainment of the first Resident Evi

l, entertainment we can now see thanks to a video published by a YouTube channel Reason for Badness and it looks really amazing.

Check out the Resident Evil Spencer M house as before

As we can see from the first gameplay shown, The result of Mr. Curious's work is simply amazing,

managing to create a mod that will even make Capcom blush; As the graphics engine isn't the only benefit of this Resident Evil model, it has also adapted the control system and camera to the creator of the school with the arrival of Resident Evil 4.

Unfortunately, this mod is not available to the general public as it is still in the development phase, but we are likely to enjoy it sometime in 2020, so we urge you to stay tuned if, who signs these words, you are impressed with this mod and want to play it.

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Santiago Carrillo

Spartan is a faithful and loyal servant of Jor-Ha, with a command in his hands for over 20 years.

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