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Reed announces the arrival of Alan Wake on the Xbox Game Pass




In Remedy they were already fixing something, they had always been careful not to add hype to anyone but it was included in their announcement that something related to Alan Wake would happen. The special Xbox game extends thanks because it was Microsoft who sponsored the project, still retains many players.

Alan Wake is a scary psychic and unfortunately we never had a second installment, even though they left the studio to keep the flame going, the fact is that today there is no indication of its progress.

Alan Wake to Xbox Game Pass

Now the studio has announced that the game will be arriving on the Xbox Game Pass during its current broadcast that marks the 10th anniversary of the title. It will arrive on May 21 on Xbox and PC consoles.

About Alan Wake on Xbox

From the hands of Reedy, the film's action geniuses, comes the third game of despair and impossible escape. While investigating his wife's disappearance during the holiday season, the famous author Alan Wake begins to find pages of the novel he did not. remember to write. Something bizarre in the small town of Blue Falls, a dark presence that takes Wake to the brink of vitality in his struggle to reveal …

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