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Residence Evil Village resident may be the longest in the series



Residence Evil Village resident may be the longest in the series

Residence Evil Village resident revealed last month and months after the details of the internal filing of what to expect from her, where more details were seen is a reference to Capcom's new game. Resident Evil Village development is 60% complete and Capcom emphasized that we will show the game again this summer, but the opportunity has yet to be announced.

We know that Resident Evil Village will conclude this Re7 Biohazard story, however it is not yet clear if the new episode of the series will be the same length as the previous one or if we can expect a shorter or longer game, Dusk Golem is talking about. .

However Residence Evil Village will remain under Resident Evil 6 and Residence Evil 4

Regarding this insider, you are known on twitter for sort Rumors of Resident Evil and that later it should hit Resident Evil Village before his tractor was removed. Now Dusk Golem has spoken on Twitter about the time it can take you to finish Resident Evil Village. The first thing he makes clear is that I don't have an exact figure yet

talking about the length of the game.

So, according to Dusk Golem we should expect that dure más que Resident Evil 7, Residence Evil 2 Remakle y Residence Evil 3 Repeat and if so, we would expect Resident Evil Village to last more than 10 hours, but not more than 15 hours. This too can be one of the longest installment in the entire franchise.

We remember that Resident Evil Village will be released sometime in 2021 on PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X and that it will not be released in the current shootings.

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