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Review of The Outer Worlds: Danger in Gorgona – Xbox One



Review of The Outer Worlds: Danger in Gorgona – Xbox One

With the origins of Obsidian and the good work they did in their day with Fallout: New Vegas and its content expansion, especially the Old World Blues, I had a firm hope that Danger in Gorgona, the first DLC Outer Lands, will give us a little of that expertise the California studio spent within the genre, even though the end result has been sour account.

Outer Worlds was a work that made Obsidian fans dream of their return to first-person role-playing games and managed to present a more exciting and attractive future, but not its history or its playable category they ended up burning as expected. An accident in Gorgona happens the same thing, it retains good points of playable formula for research, such as humor or decision-making, but it does not stop more the same About a basic game that is not highlighted by anything.

The Struggle of Phases and Trials – History

The accident at Gorgon serves as the second story arc that can be played at any time before the end Of a large building, as if it were another second machine. Apart from getting into too many looters with its structure, because it is not very long or complex, state that the purpose consists of exploring the buildings that owned the Space Ganga in Gorgona and return the diary of Olivia Rose

commissioned by his daughter, Wilhelmina Rose. While we discover the dark secret kept by the asteroid.

The beheaded arm and the mysterious message will take us to Gorgona, a place far from the colony, where Negotiation of space use it to improve Cromalina, a drug that has promised to rejuvenate the body and mind to improve the productivity of workers. As you may suspect, things did not go as planned and after a mysterious incident in which a large number of workers died, the company abandoned the project and resources.

Like I said, it’s content very short, except that it has a lot of side questions, and not very original ones. It offers a good argument with the social background of class struggle, capitalist oppression, or scientific ethics, but it is often tedious and predictable, not exceeding a few greats. decision making.

The same old formula – Gameplay

As for the role played, little is said if possible, because no big news in relation to the basic game. There is another episode in which the journey consists of exploring an abandoned area, destroying local enemies, picking up equipment, or talking to a key character.

Otherwise, we will not find new enemies, there are no new weapons (beyond a few weapons), or exploration space that will sound different from all the other open scenarios we have been able to deal with in the basic game. This has been one of my biggest complaints about the original The Outers Worlds and is something that stays in this DLC. Open situations have no personality or complaint of more than just order from one place on the map to another.

The war, in the same way, remains as usual, nothing has changed. Melee or various attacks, two friends with special abilities, the option to reduce the VATS style without paying royals and celebrities pull in to heal which you can use to build your own combination of drugs and drugs for different bonuses.

While there are no news releases and it is nothing new in this extension, I would like to point out system of phobia that allows you to earn a point of additional profit if you decide to accept penalties that include, for example, getting a lot of damage of a certain type or falling on higher ground several times.

Opera space for old school – Design

In the Gorgona Risk design section we can see both sides of the same coin, namely The Outer Worlds. Something I've already crossed over and that we can pass on to you throughout the video game.

On the other hand, the formation of open spaces Very simple and offensive, Gorgona is no different from anything in any other open space in the game universe. Being an asteroid and the most remote and most dangerous place in the colony, there is nothing that makes this place sound like something special. Instead, it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

In turn, closed sections Each place you visit on this content shows Obsidian talent. Mainly for artistic architecture, because the retro-futuristic space planning of The Outer Worlds, the mix between western opera and space, is one of its biggest assets. Secondly, it is stage construction. It’s not crazy at the level of games like Desonored, but it does offer some second modes and shortcuts that you can use more or less depending on your character’s skill development.


Accident at Gorgon is a great addition to the real adventure of The Outer Worlds, it could be one of the best places in the game, but it's not the extra content we've been waiting for. It lacks in length and originality, and does not provide stories to play. In the event of a new expansion, we hope they will follow the lead of the classic Fallout New Vegas and each improvement in the past.

I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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