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Saints Row the reast Merceated prover is a great reminder




Over the years we see how generations of video games are happening and they show us amazing stories and keep us interested in video games. Another great refinement of the last time is the fact that many companies are republishing the types of old installations we've already seen, something that went wrong, good or great depending on how the result is displayed.

One of the most recent memories that has happened in the market recently is the third set-back, with the remake of the original title with the same name released in 2011 on consoles recently as the Xbox 360.

Saints Row the reastered third shows high great visual

Despite the fact that we are about to enter a new phase with the Xbox Series X, we can still see a huge number of upcoming games on the Xbox One, similar to the new reminder already available on various existing platforms.

And is that as mentioned earlier, you have to see how these titles come to be released and improved, which sometimes leaves them more desirable or does not seem to pass the original game in any way, something that is not possible with this Saints Row the reast, at least in theory, because according to published video comparisons by Cycu1

, we can see by Full clarity as this redesigned version greatly enhances what we see, so it does show a good job of bringing this game back to the current generation of consoles, something that reaches great potential.

If you then played the first version on the Xbox 360, don't hesitate to get this new version that undoubtedly did a good job after realizing itself as a game that would go well on the platforms we have today.

Javier Sirvent

Javier Sirvent

Spartan is also a computer programmer who lives up to the rhythm of metal. A huge fan of video games and beer.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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