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Samsung's service to refresh your TV




Samsung introduced a new service in the United States which will allow us, from a monthly charge, to renew the television in our home. And not only that, but it can be configured for many services, including the Xbox Game Pass UltimateOf course, you'll need to have an Xbox One or PC to benefit from this subscription.

This is not the first joint venture between Samsung and Microsoft, as it has become clear that they have joined forces to promote cloud games, in addition to offering unique rewards for their other games on mobile devices such as Forza Street, which can also be downloaded from Greece.

The idea would be much simpler, because you would simply prepare the following:

  1. Choose a TV from all available options, where we will find all the television models QLED currently between 55 ″ and 85 ″.
  2. Select content the premium, which will not incur additional costs up to $ 120. Among the available functions we will find mentioned Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
    , although we will have similar services YouTube premium, YouTube Music premium, …

All of the above is added to the call Salary Care, which will include assistance with repairs to your television, covering parts and labor in the event of a mechanical failure or problems with the electrical network.

Samsung Access is currently available in the United States

Samsung Access It will allow you to have your brand new TV for 27 months, with a monthly payment to cover 75% of the TV price. Service of to rent Samsung invites you to remember the Redmond system All Xbox access and its proposal for hiring and services, of course, are currently only available in the United States, although it is possible and timely to reach Spain.

In the meantime we should hope that this program will succeed in the US and we can enjoy it in other countries. Also, special thanks to my colleague Dani Calso for sharing the news.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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