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See Duck of War in World of Warships: Myths




Join some of the lighthearted – but oh – so competitive – battles in the middle World of War Wars: Myths. This year’s April Fool’s event runs from March 23 to April 13, giving players the opportunity to prove their skills in Duck of War game mode.

World of War Wars: Myths

Starting today, players can access the special War D War mode. In The Duck of War, brave captains will compete against each other in a non-stop, 12-way free mode for all. To advance the race, the winning captains will receive the "ducks" and ascend the Duck of War leaderboard. There are special rewards for reaching the top, such as the unique figure of the top 10% of officers on the leaderboard. Schools will reset each week of the event to allow managers more opportunities to reach the top. Each week the rewards will change again, so make sure you don't miss out!

World of Warfare: Myths

In Duck
For battle, players will command the Ultra Cruiser, a limited-edition battle designed
do battle in bath tub, error, Duck of War event map. There are two different things
An Ultra Cruiser is available, one with a violent torpedo for shooting, the other
with a protective, firing torpedo. Ultra Cruiser speed
it makes the battles in the Duck of War more intense and chaotic – only the best they will do

World of Warfare: Myths

This is
The April Fool's event comes shortly after the release of the Russian military World of Warfare: Myths. New
Sailors leading to the Red Navy have brought long range firefighters
game, continuous gameplay. Russian destroyers are available at
early access again, due to arriving at the next full update.

World of Warfare: Myths

Seven new Russian and Soviet sailors form the backbone of the Red Navy tech tree. Armed with small arms but heavily armed, these aliens play much like traditional glasses. They cover a great period in Russian military history, from 1900 to the Cold War but share some common features from Tier III onwards. Soviet sailors can sail enemy troops from afar and repair damage, but they also have a few tools to help them in remote areas. Spray injuries are their specialty, don't get caught in their place in front of them! With the Game Fool and new game ships, World of Warfare: Myths

it continues to be powerful.

Xbox Live

World of Warfare: Myths


Experience the action of sea heroes in World of Warships: Myths, an online multiplayer free-to-play online game where you can master the oceans in the largest warships in history! Take the legendary Commander, upgrade your fleet, and claim your sea-level rise with players around the world.

Help the myriad of warships from the most powerful ships of the 20th century, set out on a journey that will bring glory across stunning marine vistas and sounds, and enjoy free updates.

Take control of the destroyers, cruisers, or battleships to suit your playstyle, from gunfire, to careful and custom attacks, and more.

Join forces and friends to challenge players around the world, and work together to formulate and plan attacks against your opponents and turn the tide.

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