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Shared! 2 – ft Sam Pilgrim Lands on Xbox One




Today announce that moved Shared! 2 – ft Sam Pilgrim available via Xbox One!

Shared! 2 Sam puts shoes to ride Pilgrim, the former World Champion and all-round Leiking spherical. Remove the main strategies and combos impurity levels in more than 40 artistic set manually by the developer traveling alone wishing superior to the life of the Mountain Bike.

ASBO Interactive is a 1.5 man dev team. I am the only – Alex, but the spouse's employer Dave to do the program.

Shared! 2

Shared! 2 interest for them and to project. Being able to build and ride features without being overwhelmed by the laws of physics or my ability to ride a bike has been such a blast that I have to work on.

Take your life building and walking in the mountains on a bicycle route, add the root of the extreme sports culture prevails, the onyx, and the from of interest Tony Hawk & # 39; s Pro Skater and you get the basic recipe Shared! 2.

If you like the "entertainment ngebhasikidi" when you are in the wrong place … to ride a bike in the mountains requires a relentless focus on from the beginning to the end and Shared! 2


Shared! 2

Use a mechanic "wephampu unique" to get the momentum and share with each course made carefully, one aspect that leads directly to the next providing a sense of "relaxing" is also the real thing.

Rename the sound of the first audio, create a program improved combo and add to queue Sam Pilgrim bag of tricks, and occupies one of taking a bicycle. Get it right and it feels like no effort, do it wrong and enjoy watching Sam's ragdoll doppelganger suffer the consequences!

Shared! 2 easy game, there is no more oppression the way of the action. Whether after the 5 minute explosion or lower for a long time Shared! 2

"Select and play" a deep and mechanic of gameplay includes all the basics.

Shared! 2

You will not be surprised now when we believe that mountain biking a good sport in the world and should yezokudlala market.

We have planned Shared! 2 many for the number of people and I hope that provides hours of enjoyment and adrenaline fueled. We were affected when you took it out!

Xbox Live

Shared! 2 – ft Sam Pilgrim

Sasbo Interactive LTD


$ 11.99

Take considered Mountain Bike Sam Samgrgrim, and using the high to expel the combos levels at more than 40 firmly. Created by the developer of the engineers who walk alone, you are! 2 is the most authentic MTB gaming experience available!


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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