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Take-Two is ready for a New Generation and has benefited a lot from it




Take-Two is one of the most talked about companies lately. Not surprisingly, in recent weeks we have seen that some of its biggest games, such as Gta V or Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, were available for free at the Epic Games Store. But more than that, the company has announced that it already has a vision of launching over 93 games over the next five years on the Xbox Series X. That's a very high figure, but that shows the developer's intentions and how ready they are for the new generation. .

An important point that Stratos Zelnick, CEO of Takeha-Mbili, addressed in a final meeting with shareholders. In it, I'm not only sure that they are working on new projects for new comfort, but also that they are very excited about the arrival of this new generation.

Take Two, do you want temporary photorealism?

At the meeting, the company's CEO commented on some of the things he hopes to see in the new generation, without confirming that Take-Two is working on new technologies. Something that will allow them to enjoy the new consoles, but without losing the iota of their DNA as a developer.

We are excited about the arrival of the next console. For a while we were working on new technologies and knew how far we could go. Our new tools will allow you to enjoy the beauty of memory usage, and of course, we will improve the graphics, which will be sharp, bright and true to life. In addition, we will add different details and speeds, as well as the maximum number of characters on the screen. There will come a time when Photorealism will become a reality, where we will strive in the future to separate interactive computer-generated content and video-generated video.

The Take-Two Games are known for their style and art direction. We cannot ignore those features. Products of this type will continue to be part of our DNA.



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