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The Initiative is signing Spain's pure talent




The Initiative is one of Microsoft's most coveted courses. No wonder who gathers the best talent in the industry under one banner. With all this, the first game of this new study is expected to be a real bombshell, reach its highest levels and has a degree of humiliation.

But his tenure is not over yet and The Initiative wants to continue to add talent to its ranks. A good example is the last known one: Francisco Aisa García, the gameplay's co-creator of the striking power.

Spanish talent at The Initiative

The restart This Spanish engineer has given us the key to knowing his transfer to The Initiative. Francisco, a graduate of Complutense University, has extensive experience in this field. Mostly since developing his career in two prestigious industry studies: Rockstar and Naughty Dog.

During his time at Rockstar, where he worked for over five years, he participated in the production of various Gta V and Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay. From there he made a hook to Naughty Dog, where he stayed for a year and three months, using gameplay programming activities on a variety of topics. And now he has worked for The Initiative for over a month as a Developer of the Greaterepage.

What will be the first studio project with so much talent within its portfolio? Much is said about the possibilities of Perfect Dark reboot. Or the only thing we are sure is that in July we will finally leave the doubt.

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