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The roar of the new Volibear reaches League of Legends




One of the best-known free-to-play games today known as League of Legends, the massive MOBA game of Riot started its journey among PC players in 2009 and continues to wage great war with its huge popularity and community The players are so big that it created years ago.

What Riot always does is to focus on LoL developers to keep the arrival of new content on a regular basis, so the game continues to be recognized as something new and invites players to change their strategies over time. the time of each year.

This is Volibear's new look at Le League of Legends

Looking back, especially at the beginning of the year, we can see that Riot Games already had major title programs in the same year, something that included a change of design for certain characters, and important changes to various aspects.

Without further ado, one of the most renovated singers awaited was Volibear, a powerful thunderstorm that has been circulating storms for several years. and that it is now getting a much-anticipated visual update.

We also see that some of the character skills have been changed to better adapt to the times in League of Legends right now

These days we also saw a special event for the arrival of this new design, because a huge Volibear giant appears in Passenger Fire, because when we see you during our game on this map, we will be given a special icon, as advertised on official Twitter account from League of Legends Spain.

The Riot Games undoubtedly continues to show great commitment to League of Legends, something to be thanked for, as the company also begins to set its sights on other competing models such as Valorant, a topic that has been widely viewed for several weeks now. Twitch.


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