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These Xbox codes are very important




With the recent postponement of Xbox Live and various people around the world suffering from many kinds of errors in their various consoles, I thought it was a good idea to have some sort of explanation explaining common errors and their solutions.

Not at all as the list is great, and I also like to learn a little about them to provide the best solution. So these Xbox error codes are standard and possible solutions.

Definitions of error codes on the Xbox

  • Overheating error: We discussed this work.
  • Error 0x8b050066: It means there is an error with your Xbox Live or your Console has failed.
  • Error 0x800401fb: Same error as 0x8b050066.
  • Error 0x8007139f: Same issues as error 0x8b050066.
  • Error 0x80070bfa: Same as the previous one.
  • Error 0x97e10804: This error does not allow access to games. It was noted and resolved here.
  • Error 0x80048051: Xbox Live is low or there are problems with your console.
  • Error 8007065b: The Xbox Live service is not working. This error may occur after changing your gamertag; If so, the error could indicate that the gamertag change was not applied correctly to your account.
  • Error 807b01f7: Some content on Xbox Live is unavailable.
  • Error 0x89231022: You must renew your Gold or Game Pass registration. It usually comes out of playys or when Xbox Game Pass games run.
  • Error 0x803F900A: Gold subscription expired.
  • Error 0x803F800F: You need to renew your Gold subscription or Xbox Game Pass.
  • Error 0x803f800b: You need to renew your Gold subscription or Xbox Game Pass.
  • Error 0x80072EFE: Xbox Live problems installing the game.
  • Error 80151925: Xbox Live is still down.
  • Error 0x800488FC: Xbox Live is still down.
  • Error 0x87e10bea: Xbox Live is down and your game depends on the connection.
  • Error 0880010108: Xbox Live has a problem.
  • Error 0x80190005: Occasionally problems with Xbox Live.
  • Error 80159018Problems with your Xbox Live profile.
  • Error 0x80040900: Problems with your Xbox Live profile.
  • Damaged profile: User profile is corrupted It was noted and resolved here.
  • Error 0x8007005: Issues with your permission with your profile.
  • Error 0x8007102: Same issues as error 0x8007005.
  • Error 80070525: You are trying to use an Xbox Live account without authentication.
  • Error 0x8007000E: Xbox Live-based installation stopped.
  • Error 80150017: This error affects the Xbox 360 when trying to play or download a game outside your region.
  • Error 8b010008: Xbox Live is repaired or you have communication problems.
  • Error 0x80048883: The same issue as above is 8b010008.
  • Error 8012271F: It is usually an error related to payment issues.
  • Error D0000033: You need to update the console to use a particular service.
  • Error 80070015: This error occurs when removing the disk during installation.
  • Error 0x80080204: It is related to the Blu-Ray player app.
  • Error 0x80070017: Problems with your hard drive.
  • Error 0x80BD0004: Error connected to the Xbox One family component. It does not allow change of options.
  • Error 0x8015DC0C: This error only affects Korean users who do not have access.
  • Error 0x8015DC0B: You are trying to access content that is restricted by the region.
  • Error 0x800c0005: Failure when playing multimedia content.
  • Error 0x80080204: It only affects when we try to install the Blu-Ray app.
  • Error 0x80073cf3: It happens when we try to install a game and there is a corrupt installation of that same game that already exists in the console.
  • Error 0x80073CF0: This error code is generated in the standard version. There is no solution.
  • Error 0x80820002: The console is a good read for the disc.
  • Error 0x803FABC6: Content removed from the Microsoft store.
  • Error 0x803F9008: The console is offline.
  • Error 0x803f9007: Disc is not installed or you need to sign in to Xbox Live.
  • Error 0x803f8001: You need to install yourself or the game owner on the console.
  • Error 0x803f8007: You are no longer the owner of the game or its content.
  • Error:0x803F8003: Standard error.
  • Error 0x80270300: Game renewal is ongoing or damaged.
  • Black Death screenA possible solution was discussed here.

Xbox Error Solutions

  • Error 0x8b050066: Check out the Xbox Live status. Refresh the console. If it continues, delete the game and restart it. Finally, if Xbox Live fails and the problem persists, please reset the console to the factory.
  • Error 0x800401fb: The same solution as the previous error.
  • Error 0x8007139f: The same solution passed
  • Error 0x80070bfa: Same solution as error 0x8b050066.
  • Error 0x80048051: Refresh the console. If it persists, it's an Xbox Live problem.
  • Error 8007065b: Come out. If the problem persists, remove your profile from the console and reinstall it.
  • Error 807b01f7: You have to wait for solutions on your own. You can try to exit or delete the profile.
  • Error 0x89231022: Update your subscription.
  • Error 0x80072EFE: Restart the router and check your settings.
  • Error 80151925: There is nothing you can do. Wait for the service to work.
  • Error 0x800488FC: There is nothing you can do. Wait for the service to work.
  • Error 0x87e10bea: You should wait for Xbox Live to work again.
  • Error 0880010108: Follow the error steps 807b01f7.
  • Error 0x80190005: Expect the Xbox Live app to recover.
  • Error 80159018: Make sure your profile is updated. Delete it from the console and reinstall it.
  • Error 0x80040900: Same solution as error 80159018.
  • Error 0x8007005: Same solution as error 80159018. If it persists, check if your profile has no restrictions here.
  • Error 0x8007102: Same solution as error 0x8007005.
  • Error 80070525: Check that your account has data like phone and other email. If it continues, check your NAT settings.
  • Error 0x8007000E: Check your connection to Xbox Live status.
  • Error 80150017: Xbox 360 is not a Free District. You can only play games from your region.
  • Error 0x80048883: Check your connection. Open the Xbox Live ports.
  • Error 8b010008: Check your connection. Open the Xbox Live ports.
  • Error 8b010007: Check your connection. Open the Xbox Live ports.
  • Error 8012271F: Take a look at payment options. If the problem persists, contact your Xbox support.
  • Error D0000033: See firmware updates.
  • Error 80070015: Set the record back. Go to My Games and Apps, then click Install.
  • Error 0x80080204: Check for app updates. If it continues, uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  • Error 0x80070017: Try formatting on PC. If not, you'll have to change it.
  • Error 0x80BD0004: Wait for the Xbox Live to update.
  • Error 0x800c0005: Check the connection if it affects an online service. If not, please re-install the app.
  • Error 0x80080204: Check out the console updates.
  • Error 0x80073cf3: Go to My Games and Applications, find out where the game is and uninstall it. Then reinstall it.
  • Error 0x803f8007: It usually happens when you request a refund, so talk to support.
  • Error:0x803F8003: Restart the console or game in Windows 10.
  • Error 0x80270300: Re-enter the game.

Open the Xbox Live ports

Although the Xbox One is already a well-equipped machine to solve this problem kindly, you may still need to open the Xbox Live ports on your home router. To do this, you must grant access to the following:

  1. Port 88 (UDP)
  2. Port 3074 (UDP and TCP)
  3. Port 53 (UDP and TCP)
  4. Port 80 (TCP)
  5. Port 500 (UDP)
  6. Port 3544 (UDP)
  7. Port 4500 (UDP)

Restore your profile

Next, I explain how to restore your profile if it is damaged or has problems starting games.

    • Go to Settings
    • Account
    • Delete accounts.

If inside you must select your profile and restore it. Make sure you tell the console to delete the profile and not data linked to it such as games or games.

We will continue to update this list regularly as we investigate the numerous error codes on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox Series X too.

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Jose Angel

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