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This is an example command of Project xCloud displayed by Microsoft Research




Although the Xbox Series X is now at the forefront of differentiating Microsoft for the games reserved for the next generation, we can't forget which will be the real change. A few are already testing both Project xCloud and its local version, Streaming Console, which allows us to use our Xbox One to play games on mobile.

But while they continue to work to adapt this microphone to the mobile phone as honestly as possible, one of the biggest problems with this face-to-face approach is the controller, the command in which we handle the game. With mobile phones, standard controls are affected, but we already know that it is not possible to produce an Xbox One controller on the screen, but to "sync function" to each game. But for now, using our Xbox One controller via Bluetooth with a clip-in adapter is a great option.

This is a Project XCloud type switch controller

And that in this generation, if anyone has had such a vivid experience, it's Nintendo specifically with its Swedish. Razer had already introduced his face but was impressed with the proposal Kishi

and it seems that Microsoft, too, was preparing something, judging by the video in which it appeared to be a "mini-controller" for the Xbox One, in terms of shape and flexibility on the phone, but with all the functionality of the full controller.

Although it looks like it was made of putty, if you can see in this video it works perfectly and has many pieces that we think will work to fit all kinds of screens. Although the model may not work with new mobiles when the screen reaches the edges, the view is good, approaching what many would like: a portable Xbox. What do you think?


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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