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Two new games have announced that they will console




Doctor Who is one of the most iconic television series and a great season that has been slowing down for viewers a bit, but this hasn't affected other areas like video games in this case.

The last video game in this saga was designed by Maze Theory and the title of the original reality series, Edge Of Time, released on Ps4 and PC in 2019, had many negative reviews but we had good times,

It was the best drama of Doctor Who created so far.

The TARDIS and much more will appear in the Doctor Who game.

Two games under construction have been confirmed for now because Maize Theory has confirmed platforms namely:

  • The first game: Presentation on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch
  • The second game: It's going to be a weird and scary / scientific game

Added that alongside Edge Of Time, the two new games yet to be announced will create a "trilogy of experience" that will be based on gameplay and a very different experience with each other, which is unclear as the three games share history with each other.

In the meantime this is the information we have about the new Doin Who game, if you want more information I recommend staying open for Generation Xbox.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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