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Two Souls appears on Steam with a demo already available




Just over a year ago, the Quantic Dream collection of games came to PC. Among them was Beyond: Two Souls, one of their latest and most popular games in which many endings shine through. At that time they loved playing Playstation, although thanks to the Epic game store we were able to see them in the arena.

Who can, it's a sequel to where we'll find the roles of Jodie and Aiden. Jodie will be a powerful girl who will allow her to meet the spirit world, take our decisions and comment on the various conclusions available.

Quantic Dream will debut on Steam with Beyond: Two Souls

Almost surprised, The smoke published by Beyond: Page for Two Souls. This indicates that the game will arrive on Steam very soon, even though it doesn't have a release date. In the meantime if possible we will add you to our wish list, to be notified as soon as it's available.

For an idea if we haven't tried the game or any other research, a game Demo is available. Like many other games, it was a temporary thing at the Epic Games Store, though if we wanted a game yet it would have to buy from this store. More than that: Two Souls is coming to Steam is good news, as it offers more user options.

Pablo Oraa Lopez

Pablo Oraa Lopez

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