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"We have given ourselves a chance to improve"




Phil Spencer has been exposed for several months, the Xbox's head of thought never stops making statements and responding to people and the media. This causes their statements to be misinterpreted from time to time or to make the hype worse in exceptional cases.

A Twitter user named Woggerman contacted Phil Spencer directly to ask about this Redmond's vision is to present upcoming events, especially with 20/20 to be held in July, and which, as we have just read, will be the launch phase of the anticipated Halo Infinite, in addition to the Xbox's next single.

I look forward to hearing the latest details from Team Xbox and Xbox Series X! I look forward to July to see Xbox Game Studios present. What do you think is the biggest challenge in terms of how you can present your next generation vision / event in a global epidemic?

Phil Spencer says they are 100% involved with the Xbox Series X

The Xbox Master Chief's response was immediate claiming to be completely involved with the Xbox Series X

, playing their games, studying the entire technology platform and reviewing everything to come.

We're trying new things, listening / learning. We have given ourselves the opportunity to progress and we will. We believe in our plans. I'm 100% Xbox Series X, playing games, seeing the tech stage and seeing what's coming. Patience is the hardest part for me, unrelated to COVID-19, is just my thing.

Without a doubt we can envy you for being able to enjoy games on the Xbox Series X, but we have no doubt that they are making a titanic effort to bring the console to market in the best possible conditions and with the best games.

Microsoft's bet is safe, and they seem poised to learn from all the product criticism following the Inside Xbox last May, and learn from it so that their July launch will be at the production level expected.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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