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Xbox Generation Podcast # 147 (Season 11)




A new generation of consoles is already underway and in this house we wanted to analyze the latest news regarding the Xbox Series X and the Xbox world as a whole. Inreal Engine 5 was introduced and we talked about what the benefits of the American console graphics engine would be. All this and questions from the community and more.

Managers, Victor, Carlos, Pedro, Adrián and the server participated in recording the program. Stay with us and listen to the end.

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You can listen directly to the web, which is why we leave the Ivoox player here optimized, so you don't have to go out looking. Otherwise, you can use any of the latest podcast apps on the market. Be sure to comment on your feelings, feedback and questions about the program.

If you want help from your own Xbox One While playing, you should go to this little tutorial and the Cast app to listen to podcasts. If you have any other ideas you want to send us about our program, you can make it directly to the Xbox Generation contact form.

By the way, you can always do requests in this post of the next edition and thus broaden our themes; criticism as you already know it is a fundamental part of our improvement, so that no one hesitates to send us your requests or advances.

You can also find our programs at Spotify, Ivoox, Itunes either Google Podcast.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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