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Xbox Insider Release Notes – Delta and Omega Ring (2005.200508-1900)




Hi Delta and Omega Users! Today's Xbox Insider release notes highlight the latest fixes, known issues, and features coming to your console. It starts at 2 p.m. PT today, users will receive the latest system update for the 2005 Xbox One (build: RS_XBOX_RELEASE_2005 19041.2491.200508-1900). Continue reading for more details.

System Update Details:

  • Released OS version: RS_XBOX_RELEASE_2005 19041.2491.200508-1900
  • Available: 2 p.m. PT – May 12, 2020
  • Optional: 3 a.m. PT – May 13, 2020

System update

Adjustment of Delta and Omega

We have heard your response, and are pleased to announce the following amendments that have been applied to this 2005 construction:

Console broadcasts

  • Adjustments were used to improve the stability of the platform.

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Delta and Omega Known Issues

We understand that some issues are listed in the previous Xbox Insider Release. These problems are ignored, but it will take Xbox developers more time to find a solution. Thanks for your patience this time!

The sound

  • Users with Dolby Atmos enabled and display display settings set to 120hz at 36 bits per pixel (12-bit) suffer Dolby Atmos audio loss in some cases.
    • Working: Disable 120hz or set Video Fidelity to 30 bits per pixel (10-bit) or less.
  • Some users have reported that Dolby Atmos for Headphones audio settings change when the console is updated / updated.
    • Note:
      If you are trying to set the audio to the Dolby Atmos headphones and see a message advising you to introduce the Dolby Access app, please enter a reply before launching the app.


  • Some users report that they don't see Gamerpics information or a profile on the Friends tab. We are aware of the issue and are investigating.
  • We've received reports that the Friends tab doesn't show the status of online / offline friends.
  • Some users may note that the Guide has changed appearance and functionality, this is a behavioral expectation as some experiences are recorded between a random subset of users in Preview.

My Games and Apps

  • Users reported seeing dark tiles instead of game art when looking at their collection.
    • Note: While we are investigating the issue, please report the problem again from the console if you have done so with previous reviews and still see this behavior.
  • Some titles in the collection may appear with the "trial" tag incorrectly in the collection.

Color profile

  • Sometimes users may encounter an incorrect Profile color when enabling the console.

Don't you see that your problem is overwritten? Be sure to use Report a problem to let us know about your case. We may not be able to answer everyone, but the data we collect is crucial to finding a solution.

Learn more about the answer and how each ring is split into the following links:

For more information about the Xbox Insider Program follow us On Twitter and join the community subreddit support and rehabilitation. Focus on the Xbox Insider Release release notes for more information about the Xbox One Update Pre-Update!


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