What WhatsApp It is the preferred instant messaging service of the vast majority of users, we already knew it, but that does not mean that year after year its stratospheric figures in terms of communication between its users cease to surprise us, at least they surprise me every time who offer this information.

Over 1.4 billion calls and video calls were made through WhatsApp on New Years Eve.

This startling data clearly shows us that WhatsApp and by default Facebook continue to reap success in connecting people, especially during a pandemic.

As published by Facebook, this data represents an increase of 50% compared to the same day last year. The reality is that WhatsApp video call ing has improved significantly in quality lately, directly in the face of such a proven service like FaceTime. All this for over 2,000 million users in 180 countries, the most representative being China or India.

Funny, because we thought WeChat would be the main media of the Asian giant. As for other apps like Facebook Messenger or Instagram, the company says usage has increased, but they haven’t been as specific in terms of data.

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On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg is happy that WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging app in the United States of America. It is clear that the situation caused by COVID-19 has made many users familiarize themselves with WhatsApp video calling, as well as normal calling, which iOS users, for example, have not taken much into account. . Advantage, WhatsApp is compatible on different platforms and everything indicates that soon we will be able to even use it on our Mac or PC for this type of communication. We expected the worst of WhatsApp from Facebook, but it wasn’t like this.

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