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13 "The MacBook Pro can use the 87W charger, but it won't charge too fast




Macbook pro 13

One of the worst things we encounter when dealing with Apple products is the charging of their products. Those Copertino's are straightforward in this regard, and they find it very rewarding to get the race in terms of fast charging, not to mention the connector stand. For example, iPhone users we still have to deal with the Lightning connector, and until last year there wasn't even a fast charger in the box.

But the problems are not limited to mobile phones, where Apple already has major conflicts open due to systems such as the charger across the EU. Company laptops also have a big problem when it comes to charging their batteries faster. Specifically, some of the owners of one of the new 13 ″ MacBook Pro

, which recently received a new update by those from Cupertino.

Unlike previous models of the same size the MacBook Pro, with a maximum power of 20.3V / 3.0A, and as demonstrated by MacRumors, this new MacBook Pro with Intel processors generation They have dual power output of 20.3V / 3.0A and 20.2V / 4.3A. Therefore, they would be compatible with not only the 61W chargers, which have been included with these laptops since 2016, but also the 87W, usually reserved for the 15 ″ MacBook Pro.

However, be careful, because the problem arises from the fact that, even though they can be safely used on new laptops with tenth-generation processors, they won't mind the marked improvement in download speed. In fact, according to users of these models they found that using the 87W laptop charger Keep charging as if you are connected to 61W. But this does not mean that it is a worthless development.

Macbook pro

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Ideally, the laptop can use high-capacity chargers may be useful for some professional users. In these cases, as well as the use of applications that place a great deal of responsibility on the processor, these additional capabilities allow to maintain maximum performance in a continuous manner. But for some users, using one or more chargers will not be a noticeable improvement by any means. At least, in the most common use cases.


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