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28 billion apps and games



28 billion apps and games

The distinct segregation of humanity has suffered in different sentences since the outbreak of the coronavirus has created general effects at the technical level, and perhaps the most serious Internet usage has increased by having more time to engage. Logically, cell phones come to fill most of those uses.

Earlier in May, we reported that Sensor Tower had released a report showing that 600 million viruses had been downloaded for applications and games in the first quarter alone. Yes, we have the second quarterly report here and we have a new record, this time in terms of number of apps. Android exceeds its previous value by about 35%.

28,000 million apps from Google Play alone

Sensor Tower account in its latest quarterly report that the Google Play Store recorded a 34.9% download growth rate. This is an impressive percentage but even more surprising when we convert to the number of applications. Worldwide, Android phones have been downloaded more than 28,000 million apps from Google Play.

Coronavirus repeats: 600 million gigabytes of apps and games in the first quarter, according to Sensor Tower

Keep in mind, as is often the case in these situations, that the Sensor tower does not record data away from the Google Play Store. We're not talking about private stores, their value should be very low compared to Google Play Store, but no data from Huawei App Gallery, for example, or in Xiaomi or Samsung stores


Google Play registers a 35% increase in application and game downloads

Probably Huawei app's gallery data is the most relevant In this case, because the Chinese manufacturer has been delivering calls for months without access to the Google Play Store and that should be eaten, yes or no, in their store. A store that, unfortunately, has pulled hard in China, the home of a product and a major engine that has made Huawei a world leader in telecommunications.

Sensor Tower also claims that Zoom is leading the way in downloading apps and that the game level has led, surprisingly, ‘Save the Princess' by Lion Studios. We call it “amazing” because the most downloaded game in Android history is still S Subway Surfers. We’ll see what happens next quarter, when lockout mechanisms are raised or reduced, but it will be difficult to overcome these nearly 30 million apps in three months. Or not?

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