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3 things to remember before deleting a message



3 things to remember before deleting a message

After a long wait, WhatsApp launched in late 2017 the most requested function of its users: removes sent messages. A very useful tool we have all used at one time or another back and delete messages badly written, attending another interview or regretting after posting it.

Although it is a frequently-used application, we continue to misuse WhatsApp. Therefore, it is possible that when deleting WhatsApp messages you are ignoring certain important and potentially destructive purpose of the work. To help you, we explain which you should consider if you want to delete WhatsApp messages successfully.

3 things to remember before deleting a message on WhatsApp

If you are one of the people who often makes mistakes when sending messages on WhatsApp and should use the “Delete Everyone” option more than you would like, there are several things to remember in order to master the feature.

You have a 60-minute time limit to clear the message

The chances of deleting messages sent to WhatsApp started with a 7-minute time limit, then expanded to 60 minutes. It high time you have to delete the message

post it to other chat members, or others have already read it.

If 60 minutes pass, WhatsApp will no longer give you the opportunity to delete the message from everyone, who is doing it for you. Therefore, text, audio or video will remain on the phones from other people forever.

Does not work on older versions of WhatsApp

The WhatsApp message removal function is only available in the most updated WhatsApp types. So, when talking with someone who uses older versions of the app, you should know that deleting messages won't do you any good, because the function is useless in these versions


Remember that the best download the latest version of WhatsApp to keep it updated If you want messages to be successfully deleted from everyone, as WhatsApp explains on its website:

“For messages to be successfully deleted for everyone, both you and the recipient must use the latest version of WhatsApp.”

There are applications that collect deleted messages

Although not well known, there are Android apps dedicated to collecting messages that have been deleted by other contacts to show you their content. This way, as another user immediately removes the message, you'll be able to see what it was like and find out why it was deleted.

Just as you can use this app, they can always be the contacts you talk to. If any of them use these types of applications, they can see the content of the messages you delete without any problems, no matter how fast. This is another thing to keep in mind when deleting a message, or there is nothing else you can do to prevent it.

How an additional pointWe mentioned that he or other contacts will be able to read the message if they are in the conversation before deleting it. If you do not move immediately or the removal doesn't happen successfully, too, someone will have time to read the message before the “This message has been deleted” alert appears. In addition, you should pay attention to that WhatsApp will not send you a notification if the message is not deleted with success.

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