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4 games metroid 1930 I wish that would have an Android version




Without a doubt, mobile games are becoming increasingly important.. Where the topics were most impressive was Andry Birds or Candy Crush, but what we can find today are games from the big developer and from major developers like Nintendo, Square Enix or Konami.

And if there are more type of RPG that's what it's called "metroid 1930". What is the game of the metroidylvania? It's a genre-less video game action-based online platform concept with its name thanks to two of the most important sagas game: Metroid and Castlegumi.

It kind of needs a lot of clarification on controls and that it can be somewhat complicated to adapt to touch screens, but the fact that one of the best games in this genre and perhaps in history, Castorylvania: Symphony of the Night) has shown that it can be played again on a mobile phone – so bad we can always use blue controls. In all of this, What other metroidylvania games would we like to see on Android?

Hollow knight

Combine metroidanians and mix dark souls, this demon theme has been a ready one of the best and posterity and all this despite having a much lower budget than other sports. In an insect world, we are a mysterious mystery in his quest to uncover the mysteries of the long-abandoned Hallownest empire, the depth that attracts consumers and the courage with the promise of wealth or the answer to ancient mysteries.

It is one of the most exciting element ever made and with the story being told through object descriptions and interviews with NPCs (very similar to what the Dark Souls did), Hollow Knight gives us hundreds of hours of fun and frustration and great battles where the slightest mistake will be our destruction.

Salt and Sanhala

Also called Dark Souls in two stages, it takes all the good that Miyazaki has done and syncs it with 2D in an outstanding way. The beginning of the story has never been easier. We are a respected man who is guarded as a princess. During a sea voyage, our ship is attacked by a large creature. Up on a beach olungaqondakali (as many games) is our main purpose will be to find the princess.

Of course Said the princess would be excuses

visiting terrifying places, destroying powerful creatures and demons, and solving the mysteries of the island and its inhabitants.

Dust: Elysian Tail

When you start playing the dust: Tail of Lysiane the article does not believe it was made by just one person. A good style of the art, full fight, and the issue that hold up over time. Worst of all, Dust: The Elysian Tail has its own version of iOS and as the game is already quite old, the hypothetical version of Android seems less appealing. Though hope is the last thing lost.

UMomodora: UReverie Under the radiance of the moon

Although you are the most unknown title on the list, just go to the page on Steam for Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight and take a look at the views of its users to ensure that we are facing a real match. But let's not take it for granted, with its pixel-art style and child-friendly design, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight is not only challenging in terms of gameplay, but also has a dark history.

Luckily across Castlegumi: Symphony of the Night, we have other "similar" games on Android. Dead cells are said to be dead this summer, though we recommend Dandara and Grimvalor. And if not, you can try all the games of the videos might njengebuciko.

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