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4 Xiaomi sub brand you must know yes or no




Amazingly GTS

We always tell you that Xiaomi is introducing various products to the market, and of course that is the case, but in many cases, the company does not do it directly, but it does with the products below where, you own a large portion of the money, or you own the entire company.

Today we'll tell you which of the 4 smaller Xiaomi products are most interesting to us, and the reasons you have for not giving up. In fact, We may have talked about his products more than once, Let's look at how they are!

4 Xiaomi sub brand to follow


Maybe Amazfit is a subsidiary known for Xiaomi, and it owes its smart watches, such as Amazfit Bip or Amazfit GTS, which is well worth the money, amazing results in every way, and the variety in our favorite catalog.

Amazfit is dedicated to the development of smartwatches, and it is a well-designed, responsive design and betting service that is useful to users, whether we will use it for sporting purposes or not.

Currently, a few months after the launch of the Amazfit GTS, no doubt the best smartwatch you can buy at its price,

We look forward to seeing the company's next launch, which is also committed to building circular crowns.


xiaomi-rice-rice-cooker (2)

On the other hand we have Mijia, who specializes in the right home appliances, such as brushing your teeth, light sensors, and clipboard can. help make our home more beautiful and more efficient.

It's a company with a large number of products on the market, some of which, apparently, are offline and shouldn't, as their nails say or their thermos. Still, it is they have a large automated home suite that is usually sold directly under the Xiaomi brand and that you can control using the Mi Home program.


Smart bulbs can filter your Wi-Fi key

As you can see, Xiaomi is introducing some differentiation between its underlying products depending on the products they sell, and Lightight, as you can read by his name, is in charge of the lighting

on a larger and smaller scale.

The company is dedicated to the design and distribution of smart lamps, whether they be bright lights, ceilings or table lamps, and the fact is that from what we have seen, they have been well received by users because the positive reaction they have.



This last case is special, because Aqara is set for the same thing as Mijia: Smart home devices that you can control from your mobile phone. A the part that seems to have a future and which Xiaomi deems fit to change its offer.

On the part of this company we find similar products humidity and temperature sensor, motion sensors, lights or smart plugs which we can control from mobile, enabling us to control our entire house from a smartphone.

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