This new story that allows us to play 4K videos on YouTube is published by the blog’s Reddit profile the drumIn fact, they republished the image leading to this post. When you can see very well, we can now change the video playback quality to 2160p, similar to 4K video, obviously in videos uploaded by this attribute. Yes, it should also be said that we have video in 4K but we are left, meanwhile, without the possibility of HDR video or 4K video playback frames above 30fps

, that doesn’t mean 4K at 50fps or 60fps (this time we’ll go back to 2K).

The guys at flatpanelshd ‚Äč‚Äčalso commented that they found that the file Apple TV 4K uses Google’s VP9 video codec

Something strange has happened since Apple and an organization of technology companies (including Google, Netflix, and Microsoft) have produced a new AV1 video. What is certain is that Apple is expected to finally launch a new Apple TC that will replace the current one and improve its features. With the launch of Amazon TV, or the new Google Chromecast, I think Apple has to come up with new ideas because it tends to introduce cheaper devices and not the price the Apple TV has.