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50 video calls to Messenger and WhatsApp?




Facebook announced in late March a new video shoot program through its communications program known as Messenger Rooms. In fact, the app update in 2016 which also features a renewal of some of the features launched in 2014.

The current approach is different. It aims to tackle apps like Zoom, which allow video calls from multiple participants. The limit set by Facebook is 50 per session.

You already have an Android Messenger

Video calls of 50 people arrive at Messenger and WhatsApp

Users from all over the world who want to start a video call on Malay Rooms should use the Messenger app on their mobile phone. In the United States you may have started it from Facebook but this may not be happening in other countries.

A limit of up to 50 participants is currently being established around the world but it may be that in the early days, somewhere, we saw the number of users limited to a low number.

First used on WhatsApp

In addition, the latest beta of WhatsApp shows a new icon that allows us to send a video call request to Rooms to your contacts. Of course, it should be clear that this video call will not be made using the WhatsApp platform, but Messenger.

Thumbnail a direct access to facilitate its use, not complete integration into WhatsApp, At least for now.

Group video calls reach Facebook via Rooms Messenger

This service can be started from Messenger on an Android phone, and also, as we have already noted, from the beta version of WhatsApp, even though the submission is interrupted and we may have to wait a few days to see that option even if we have installed a trial version.





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