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75 previously paid apps: don’t let them run



75 previously paid apps: don’t let them run

75 previously paid apps: don’t let them run

The weekend is back, and with it, a free time to try free Android apps, games, and custom packages, such as animated wallpapers and thumbnail packs. All of these paid programs are free for a limited time and can be downloaded.

As always, we have included heresome paid apps now that you can fully download, but beware, they will not be like this for long. Here we choose the most commonly paid apps, but their developers have decided to give them a limited time at no cost. No ads or micropayments.

  • How to create your own dynamic wallpapers on Android.
  • 7 years of Telegram: its 7 best features.

Free apps are available in limited time, so don't take long to find them.

And again, if you download them,will be associated with your Google account so they will be yours forever, being able to install them again in the future or on other Android smartphones and tablets you have with your Google Account. As we have always warned, these “offers” could end at any time, so it is possible that some apps or games will no longer appear for free when you click on them, all depending on how fast you are.

Free apps

  1. The decimal in the Pro fraction.
  2. Light Manager – light for each application manager.
  3. Ray Watermark – Watermark with QR, Logo, Text.
  4. Move me! Encourage me!
  5. Gallery No Ads- Photo Manager, Gallery 2020.
  6. Note Recognition – Convert Music to Sheet Music.
  7. Simple Draw Pad (No Ad).
  8. Musıc Player Pro.
  9. Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO.
  10. My Vocabulary (Save And Read Your Words).
  11. Java Programming with Compiler and Videos [Premium].
  12. Read the C ++ program [ PRO ].
  13. Learn C Programming with Compiler [ Premium ].
  14. FireFighter CalcTool.
  15. Statistics Fractions Pro.
  16. Business Calculator Pro.
  17. Attempts to Try – Time to Reflect on Periods.
  18. BabyBook – A children's diary and a standard record.
  19. Bio – Icon Pack.
  20. TypIt Pro – Watermark, Logo and text in photos.
  21. BlackCam Pro Camera – B & W.
  22. Draw me! Pro.
  23. I'm regenerating! Pro – Photo & Photo Resizer.
  24. Give it to me! Camera Pro.

Free games

  1. Drop Boxes – Tower block.
  2. The Monkey GO Happy.
  3. New smart math puzzles 2020.
  4. Hill Legend: Horror Action.
  5. House: Action-scary.
  6. Dance Conditions.
  7. Edge Ball.
  8. Wormster Dash.
  9. Paranormal area.
  10. Paranormal area 2.
  11. Hangman Premium.
  12. Search for Premium names.
  13. Trinine.
  14. Linear Hobby Draw your line.
  15. Calc Faster.

Free custom packaging

  1. Star Clock Live Wallpaper.
  2. Wenpo – Icon Pack.
  3. Hevo – Icon Pack.
  4. S8 UI – Icon Pack.
  5. Ibize – Icon Pack.
  6. Stony icon pack.
  7. Ruvom – Icon Pack.
  8. Solabo – Icon Pack.
  9. Octoro – Icon Pack.
  10. Xetrox – Icon Pack.
  11. Zondi – Icon Pack.
  12. IX mas – Icon Pack.
  13. Fixon – Icon Pack.
  14. IVedo – Icon Pack.
  15. Pubblo – Icon Pack.
  16. Oranux – Icon Pack.
  17. Nomo – Icon Pack.
  18. Soro – Icon Pack.
  19. Evom – Icon Pack.
  20. Icons of Wood Blue.
  21. Rulix – Icon Pack.
  22. Emfo – Icon Pack.
  23. Nixio – Icon Pack.
  24. Rumber – Icon Pack.
  25. Bolabo – Icon Pack.
  26. Introduction – Icon Pack.
  27. Oron – Icon Pack.
  28. Omlicon – Icon Pack.
  29. Jonro – Icon Pack.
  30. More – Icon Pack.
  31. Doodle Pixel – Icon Pack.
  32. Porent – Icon Pack.
  33. Momber – Icon Pack.
  34. IMogon – Icon Pack.
  35. Custom / Klwp Soft XIU Screen.
  36. Benfo – Icon Pack.

75 pre-paid free applications: don't let them run out first in The Free Android.

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