iOS 14

iOS 14 keeps pace with updates, and best of all, it’s a very stable system. But are you using the latest version of Apple’s mobile device operating system? Many users are reluctant to update because they are afraid that something may no longer work for them, or just because they don’t want to update. Now we have iOS 14 adoption data and yes it is good … Read on as we explain how the adoption of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 has been.

Be careful, we are not talking about information from analysts, this data comes from Apple itself. And is that they recently updated the developer website with the information we tell you: an 81% of iPhones released in the past four years are already using iOS 14. And it makes sense to say that these are iPhones released in the last 4 years because there are various older models that cannot be updated to iOS 14

. As a result, 17% of those iPhones (aged 4) are using iOS 13, and only 2% are said to be using older versions of iOS.

But they are also talking about data at the general level of the iPhone, in this case of all iPhones launched, not just in 4 years, 72% of them would be using iOS 14, 18% would be on version of iOS 13, and the remaining 10% would use previous versions of iOS. We are talking about iPad? in this case a 75% of iPad users launched since 2016 would use iPadOS 14, 22% would be in iPadOS 13, and the remaining 3% in previous versions. Watching everything IPads in general we would talk about 61% on iPadOS 14, 21% in iPadOS 13 and 18% in previous versions. Is this important data? The truth is, these aren’t very high percentages, but you also have to take into account that iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 were released four months ago, so in the next few months, all percentages might change under iOS and iPadOS 14.