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A 6.7-inch iPhone 12 with new photo features




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New rumors come from a Korean analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. It communicates completely with manufacturers of components that are part of Apple's devices, so any information that lets you go through the features of these components should be shown some attention, albeit only in the case, rumors.

Right now it's the next iPhone opportunity (called IPhone 12, but not guaranteed). It's also guaranteed to a standard I've been expecting a long time with the new screen size over the iPhone 11 Pro Max, 6.7 inch, and explained that it will feature a new camera image stabilization system.

Koo confirmed today that this year's iPhone 12 will feature a 6.7-inch large screen. You will be again large camera sensors, to capture more light and enhance image quality of captured images and videos.

All of this had been discussed for days. Critical novels emerge from the interpretation of a a new image stabilization program that will include the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and that will expand to other models by 2021.

The current iPhone 11 Pro has photos and video resilience, but only when lenses are used Scope or Telephoto. With the new sensor replacement system, this problem can be solved, and stability will be applied to the camera sensor itself, regardless of the type of sensor used.

Ironically, Keo confirms that this new image stabilization program will only be available on the world's largest iPhone. Maybe it's because of the size of its stuff, because it probably is IPhone 12 Pro Max It's smaller than its current launch, and there's a story kit.

The analyst also revealed that over time, to 2022, there will be an iPhone to have periscope lens. This will allow for 5x or 10x zoom. IPhones currently have 2x Optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.


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