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A few helpful Finder settings




Finder is a record request to access all files and folders on our Mac Finder We can search, create smart folders, order our files, compress them, etc. For all these reasons, Finder maybe, another application we use most on our Mac and, therefore, it is important that we can configure it as we please.

How to set up Finder opening folder

The complex

One of the most important options they offer Finder, when you edit it, it selects which folder to show it when we open a new window app. We can choose, for example, a document folder, a desktop folder, etc. The steps are as follows:

  1. We open the app Finder on our Mac.
  2. On the menu Finder
    we choose favorites.
  3. We add a tab in general.
  4. In New Finder windows: we choose the options that are offered or that we touch and others to select any folder in the program.

Once we have closed your preferences Finder, everything new windows, or tabs, which we open Finder they will show the newly selected folder.

How to customize sidebar


Location next to Finder It is another point of great application. From this we can access the files and folders of our system

comfortably and efficiently, so showing exactly what matters to us is important. We can add or hide different things.

Because remove shortcuts in sidebar simply pull them out of it while holding the Command button (⌘). Let's take a look at the second wait before removing the component, and by doing so, we'll see how it disappears in the bar.

In some categories, in particular Favorites either iCloud, we can rearrange items. To do it we will simply click to them and we'll pull and throw ourselves into a new situation.

Finally, we can add items bar. In this case, the steps are:

  1. We open the app Finder on our Mac.
  2. On the menu Finder we choose favorites.
  3. We add a tab Sidebar.
  4. We identify the elements we want to see.

As we can see, Finder it offers us many customization options. These are really the best ones so we have a file management app that we like as much as we like.


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