IPhone 9

And it turns out that after a few days when it looks like the new "cheap" model of the iPhone called the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 or upgraded the iPhone 8, it will close when it is officially revealed on Apple's website. This is not official, but at Best Buy electronic electronics stores, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is a 4.7-inch iPhone cover with a clear footnote at the bottom: "New iPhone 4.7 2020


This means we are facing a 2020 device case as well It measures 4.7 inch As well as the rear camera port you can precisely imagine that this iPhone design will be similar to the one we currently have on the iPhone 8.

UAG cover

The covers will not go on sale until April 5

Another important detail provided by the person who rewarded this image on the well-known MacRumors media, is that the covers will not be sold until next April 5. This data is important because it completely reveals the date or a closer to launch date for this new iPhone model.

The truth is that all of this often happens with the introduction of new devices. First the leak arrives and we see the devices arrive, in this case we have a release date for this new iPhone 9 or iPhone SE, but all this is still a rumor / leak that may not be real, so you'll have to continue to wait patiently for days to confirm. Which makes us very skeptical of the launch date for this series of stores, Sunday April 5th?