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A new Drone watch video shows Apple Park almost empty




When most of Apple's employees work from home, i Attendance at Apple Park is quite low. And the new video of pilot Duncan Sinfiel shows us well.

Apple Park, scenic but empty

In this video we can see Apple's facilities being discarded, from the entry to the buildings attached to the main ring. Interior gardens, as well as exterior, hardly show driving a particular vehicle

. Inside the circle, the multi-colored stage floor remains as a status spectator.

It's the first time we've seen Apple Park with a few employees since Sinfiel's first videos when we were viewers of its construction. Of course some weird idea, but one thing is clear: it's still a very attractive and attractive building

how many times have I seen it.

While Apple Park seems empty, work is underway behind the scenes, until tomorrow the first orders for the new Apple Pro and MacBook Air will start arriving worldwide.


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