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A new iOS 14 feature that will protect your ears



A new iOS 14 feature that will protect your ears

The latest update of the iPhone app has not ignored any details when it comes to optimization of the app and its features. Therefore, an option that allows to measure headphone audio in real time. An existing feature that we can test by downloading the public beta of iOS 14.

According to information shared from 9to5mac, Apple would expand the feature released in iOS 13 that prevents users from being exposed to loud noises while using headphones. From now on it will strengthen the rate allowed Activate the meter for real-time audio levels in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

IOS 14 measures audio quality in real time

Starting with iOS 14, you can measure headphone audio levels in real time with a new option available in the Control Center. As you can see, this feature has an interface similar to the Apple Watch Noise app, which measures natural noise levels instead of headphones.

Frequent, prolonged exposure to sounds less than 80 decibels is considered acceptable, while repeated, prolonged exposure to noise above this level can cause permanent ear damage. If your audio exceeds 80 decibels, the calibration icon will turn yellow instead of green.

To activate this feature that will let you see how much we listen to with our headphones we must follow the following steps:

1.Continue on Control center.

2. Slide down and look for the option Audience.

3. Press the green “+” button to add it Control Center Audience.

Although this feature works for most headphones, Apple says the rating is more accurate with AirPods and other certified phones.

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